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                      Welcome to my page!

 Over 30 years of music lessons, my archive has accumulated a lot of works that somehow I suggest to listen to or purchase on various resources . This is mainly soft-rock , folk-rock and ambient (or rather , something in between all of them ) . For most of these works I never needed for notes , always  wrote in "digit" . But there are things that without notes would be unthinkable for me at least for the reason that over time , when I'm not practicing in their performance , I just forgot how to play them . Basically these are Romances for Guitar . So I decided to share these songs with you. I hope that once it is useful to someone .

 I wish everyone good luck , inspiration and just a good mood!

                                                                                                  Your AlexVombat ( Alexey Zagulyaev ) .

ultimas partituras
Little Medieval Etude
Clássico / Etude
Clássico / Romance
They say that love...
Clássico / Romance
Clássico / Romance
Your fair God
Clássico / Romance
Only a moment
Clássico / Romance
Don't doubt
My freedom
Clássico / Romance
I'm tired
Clássico / Romance
Dedicated to O. S. Ilyinskaya
Clássico / Romance